What an event!

As with all creations for events, it wasnt until the game actually began and people were having a good time that you know if it’s a success or not.

Rest assured, I am very happy with the result. some users even went out of their way to create additional cover for some rounds which I happily allowed, but had to stop the builder from setting up a little pillbox at the back, which was kinda funny, but clearly too easy for him if he got himself up there :p!

Overall, I loved the laughs, the event itself was a fantastic time, nerve wrecking for the final few hours leading up to the event but I have to say things ran actually quite smoothly!

Some pictures of the event shall follow! (click them to view bigger versions)








(I’ll add more on a followup post once I get all the other pics taken! :D)


I realised that communication worked out well while the event went on, people listened appropriately and did as instructed, (While I felt I was focused a lot in the gunfights, still hilarious!) and not many complaints can be made. Keeping the ‘builder’ tristan under control during his little ‘extra cover’ creation run was fine, he gave me control on what he made and if anything got too far I would tell him. thankfully he just added the wooden platforms you can see on some of the pics.


People were in good spirits and did their job well, Tylo was an amazing up and comer although a few complaints came forward after the event finished saying that before the final event where cash was handed out tylo had flown apparently (which wasnt allowed in the sim but may have been overwritten by certain viewers such as firestorm :p)


Either way, the final ‘for the big money’ round went fantastically. The sim layout worked well and there was enough space for all 12 participants to run around. TWELVE PARTICIPANTS, awesome. It seemed Isa and Arwenna had fun too, listening to isa laugh away and join in on the fun was just icing.


Aside from all of that, I couldn’t have asked for a better event, a better turnout or better people to come. Thanks for the fantastic time everyone. MUVE has turned out to be one of me most favourite classes and I almost feel sad it’s finishing!


I do hope perhaps in the future I can help Clare out with more SL stuff. Who knows?


Thanks again guys,


This is Sam/Xan, signing out.


Todays the day!

Really hopeing enough people show up. Invited many!


Not sure if isa or clare will be showing. >.> Never really got a confirmation from either on them about the day when I announced the time, truely hope they’l show. Would be a disaster otherwise XD
Here goes nothing guys πŸ˜€


Details for the event are below if you need em in previous posts πŸ˜›

Event tomorrow!

Can’t say theres much more I can do now! Been pottering here and there with the land around the area and have worked on the land flatness/hills/foxholes, which, as always is often fiddly. Either way, the event will still be going forward at that time :p

At this location:

I do hope I get enough to come, I really do :x. Too late now, I have invited many!

Not much left!

So the invites are getting sent out regularly, sending reminders, giving surls:

At this location you can see an arrow that will give you all the information of the event!

I’m also giving the date/time:

Overall, I can only hope the people that say they will come, will come πŸ˜€ hahah.

Fingers crossed! Over the next few days I’ll potter around with the land a bit, see what I can do about little hills and fox holes. πŸ˜€ *nodnod*

Home stretch!

Okay so more progress, seems we’re almost done now!

Lets look at my old checklist here:

  • Trees! They should be easy. – DONE!
  • Organise a better time with clare on monday perhaps! – DONE! Organised for June 24th 2pm NZ time, or 7pm 23rd SL time. I set up a tinyurl to do a worldclock conversion for anyone that wants it:
  • Sort a β€˜click me for event info/get started’ button – DONE! Sorted a big red arrow to do it πŸ˜€ Look! (turning off hud etc made the floating text vanish :p in the world it says “CLICK ME FOR EVENT INFO” and it gives the notecard to the clicker :D)


  • Sort an invitation I can send to those that are interested with event info and where to look/what to expect – DONE! Clicking the arrow will give the notecard im giving out that has all the information needed πŸ˜€


Hello and welcome to Xanthus Anon’s MUVE601 class event: PAINTBALL!

In this notecard you will get all the information you might need for the upcoming event.

The event will be taking place at 7PM PDT (SL TIME) ON THE 23RD OF JUNE. (Copy this link: to figure out what time that is for you!)

This notecard will be split into several categories for ease of reading:

1: What to expect from the event and basic timeframe,

2: How to play and participate in the event,

3: Basic rules of the event,

1: What to expect from the event

The event will be paintball of course! I have set aside a large sliver of land with thanks to Luketh Dragon with barricades, sniper posts and cover to ensure there are plenty of areas to take refuge. Notecard will be attached!

At 7pm PDT the event will begin, at this time players are expected to arrive, get their guns ready and ask any questions they might have regarding the event.

At 7:15pm PDT the first game shall be played with those that have arrived. The first game will be a typical ‘deathmatch’ situation where the rules are ALL ON ALL and no teams, first player to 5 points(kills) wins the round! After that time, the event is flexible. Depending on how many players show up, there is a distinct possibility of a team deathmatch, first team to reach 5 match points wins the round!

The event will be going for around an hour, so from 7pm to 8pm PDT. Players can join and leave at any time during these but of course it’d be greatly appreciated if they stayed the entire hour!

Microphone use is highly encouraged for this event. This will aid in of course the experience of the event along with communication, of course if there are any issues I will be happy to type out anything thats needed to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Before the first round starts, (until 7:15pm PDT) there will be a large red arrow pointing down at the hub to help identify where it is located in case there are any issues. This arrow will give out this notecard to additional players if they weren’t manually invited and give them all of this information :D. When the round starts, this arrow will be removed to help clear the battlefield. Don’t want a large red arrow in the way now! πŸ˜€

Just be aware, some of the paintballs will not initially stop on the fence and they might continue off-sim, if this happens, a simple error might show displaying that a prim cannot move into that area, ignore this and just keep on shooting as it shouldn’t interrupt your gameplay! (Assuming you are using Second life or Firestorm etc. Apparently imprudence doesn’t know what the error is!)

2: How to play and participate in the event

Once you teleport to the paintball area (Landmark should be located at the bottom of this notecard unless you got manually teleported! :p) You should see the main paintball hub which looks similar to a paint-splattered square shape. Above the box it should say -=Active Players=-. If you see this, that is the main hub.

To obtain the gun thats required for the event, simply click the hub and click ‘get gun’. The hub should then send you a copy of its gun. Wear this gun (it should default to your right hand) and it should be good to go. Text floating above the gun indicate what its status is, it also displays your health in a %.

From there, the gun should tell you you need to activate, simply click the hub again and click ‘activate’ to put yourself into the game and up on the scoreboard which is located to the side of the sim up against the wall.

The gun will NOT operate unless you’re in mouselook, to do this either press ctrl+m or mouse-wheel scroll until you go into mouselook, your character at this point should hold up the gun, left clicking will fire the paintballs.

REMEMBER: IT TAKES MANY HITS TO TAKE A PLAYER DOWN. You have infinate ammo so spam fire away and try to lead your target to hit! The player you’re shooting at should flail about when struck to indicate you’ve hit him/her, keep it up and you might just get a kill!

If you die (run out of health) your character will fall over and your gun will become inactive, during this time you will NEED to run back to the hub and reactivate your gun to continue playing in the event.

Your health will gradually recharge as you play. A paintball hit will take around 4% life off per strike so there should be a lot of balls flying! Keep on your target and you might just get a kill!

If you click the gun while holding it, a menu should show up, this will display several colours, these are the colours your paintballs will be to distinguish/make yourself different if you don’t want the standard default green that it comes with. THIS WILL ALSO DETERMINE THE TEAM YOU ARE ON IF TEAM MODE IS ACTIVATED! I will be sure to announce if a team match is going to begin.

Once a match is over (A player/team has 5 match points (kills) the round is over and I will disable everyones gun. πŸ˜€

3: Basic rules of the event

I think the first rule here is to be polite, courteous and of course, appropriately clothed!
I know some of you enjoy playfully wearing some pretty raunchy clothing so please dress the part as this is located on a GENERAL rated sim, so no mature stuff!

No flying is to be done during the event, to keep things fair, jumping is allowed and the sniper posts at the back and side are capable of being jumped upon (this has been tested) without flying, so jump, sprint and dash to your hearts content to avoid the onslaught of bullets!

Microphone use is highly encouraged! I want to hear laughter, people!

Best of all, enjoy the event, I want this to be laid back and a lot of fun for everyone involved so lets just enjoy it! How often do we get to pelt each other anyway?!

Oh and by the way, there might just be some SPOT PRIZES of linden to those that have performed admirably! So get to being a hero out there!


  • Enjoy the hilaity that ensues. – Will be done on the day, nodoubt :p
  • Look into the fences, perhaps bring them in a tad to avoid the error, might be a second life thing though as not all physical impact detectors work 100%. – Looked into it, turns out reguardless of the fence placement sometimes the paintballs just continue on briefly in some ghost-like form, despite exploding sometimes it just causes the ‘cannot move prim to this area’ error. Rest assured it’s something easily ignored and shouldn’t interrupt play unless you’re on Imprudence which can’t seem to figure what the error is.


I also got Isa to look over the build, he agreed it does the job, he criticized it was perhaps a little flat so I’ll be looking into some basic hills and fox-hole styled dips to make the ground a little more dynamic. Overall this is looking pretty good!

Moar progress :p

So I’ve had a few tests now, added a few derelict cars as a form of cover and got some more people firein bullets everywhere, only real issue at the moment is it seems the fence on some sides might be a little too close to the edge of the sim and it doesnt stop all paintballs immediately at times, causing the ‘unable to res object here’ error (its got better wording than that but BLEH).


Place looks good, just need to place a few trees here and there, make em physical (got someone that can give me some good lookin trees). From now comes organising a little ‘click me for info on the event’ arrow thing next to or above the paintball base with event info including time, how to play, and what the plan is.


I’ll communicate hopefully with Clare on monday as to times available for the tutors, as isa and I discussed at one point, no matter how successful an event is, certainly won’t be worth ANY marks if the tutor doesnt show up. :p


Around 2-4pm nz time works well as its evening for the US in places and it seems theyre mostly available at that time so it’d work out nice as class times are around then too. Lets see how it goes however :D.


Looking at a monday for ideal people to show up as its still sunday in the us around then, winding down with a good round of paintball could be awesome :p


As far as future planning goes, I’m thinking the ‘click me for event info’ could be phantom arrow pointing down at the paintball base that’l be there until the event begins. Or stays there, might get in the way of the event though, but being phantom the bullets should go through it.


So, to come:

  • Trees! They should be easy.
  • Organise a better time with clare on monday perhaps!
  • Sort a ‘click me for event info/get started’ button
  • Sort an invitation I can send to those that are interested with event info and where to look/what to expect
  • Enjoy the hilaity that ensues.
  • Look into the fences, perhaps bring them in a tad to avoid the error, might be a second life thing though as not all physical impact detectors work 100%.

Good times!


More progress!

Just finished fixing up the sim to look more… Paintball brawl ready. I (with the help of a friend that has paintballed irl a number of times) organised a bunch of chest-high-walls and platforms to use for the upcoming brawl in a mirror-like fashion so each side has the same vantages if we fight in a team (if there are going to be enough players!)


In the centre is the paintball return point where your gun gets reactivated, the sim area is surrounded in a transparent chain mesh fence that prevents most bullets from travelling throughout the rest of the sim.


Rusty shipping containers are placed about and jump onto-able for advantageous positions over the barricades.


Will probably make the ground concrete (torn between that or keeping it as grass) and might add some trees and old cars/pipes to spruce up the place. Will also set up a central area to get information about the upcoming event which I will need to start organising a time.


Here are a few pics of the progress so far!


Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003


These are from the centre lookin one way and then the other, you can see how it mirrors.


And of course the husky fellow corban behind me there eagerly wants to join the event, as soon as he picked up that gun he didnt want to let it go! πŸ˜€